Armed with previous experience working in a successful ICO, we formed a teamwork and gave birth to a business concept that we call POINS. POINS (Cryptocurrency Integrated System) is the name we choose and consider it to be very representative of the overall project that we will be working on.

We developed 3 (three) platforms with 1 (one) coin namely POINS Trading Platform (www.poinsdex.com), POINS wallet (www.poinspay.com), and POINS Incubator (www.poinsku.com) supported by funding from POINS COIN sales (www.poins.io).

Makes you the owner of the secure decentralized data

Poins platform allows the launch of new startups and crowdfunding management

Your online payments are very simple and easy

POINS COIN holders will get many benefits

POINS COIN Advantage

  • POINS COIN is a digital asset that allows mining by anyone and anywhere. You can get a POINS COIN without buying in the market by positioning yourself as a miner.
  • POINS COIN holders has the advantage of obtaining various discounts on transaction fees and can even eliminate transaction fees made through POINS wallet (Poinspay.com).
  • Peer to peer POINS COIN can be used to pay for anything related to crypto on the POINS platform. It can also be used to pay for online products or services that receive crypto using the plugin of POINS wallet (Poinspay.com).
  • POINS COIN distribution is unique, so it will maintain price stability and also double profit for ICO investors.
  • POINS COIN Airdrop to increase the enthusiasm of each project.
  • POINS COIN can be exchanged with other cryptocurrency and also fiat.
  • The POINS COIN will be used as a voting tool for each project to be carried out.
  • Instant POINS COIN transaction by using POINS wallet (Poinspay.com).
  • Startup project incubator where your brilliant idea can be realized with a POINS.
  • ICO POINS COIN is unique and gives investors the potential of double income. The POINS COIN obtained from the ICO will be calculated as a temporary shareholding of the company with terms and conditions applied.


Market Capitalization (Online Trading and E-Commerce) and Startup Growth

Online Trading:

The cryptocurrency exchange market is similar to the stock market and forex market which currently accounts for more than USD 230 billion based on the site www.coinmarketcap.com. It even touched USD 300 billion.


Based on data from www.statista.com, in 2017 E-Commerce sales volume reached USD 7.66 trillion for business to business (B2B) transactions and USD 2.14 trillion for business to customer (B2C) transactions.

Startup Growth:

The Genome and Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) research and strategy company noted that the world's startup industry grew drastically after USD 140 billion in venture capital investment in 2017.

The Solution is Poins Platform

POINS Platform


Trading platform by developing a website integrated with a high level of security, high technology, and very complete features.


Crypto payment platforms receive many altcoins with a flat transaction fee of 0.50% and in time will be integrated with popular shopping carts as plug-ins used by E-Commerce stores


We accommodate all the brilliant ideas about your project, so you have the opportunity to get a fund. With our POINS COIN and POINS platform we will realize your ideas and projects to be come true.

Buy ICO POINS COIN as you buy Company shares

Get profit sharing from the profits earned by the Company as long as you hold the POINS COIN that you bought when ICO is indefinitely and get bonuses from unique distribution patterns.

How it works

Our ecosystem is based on Blockchain technology and can solve current and future problems

We built blockchain technology
Unique ico with 50% profit share, 30% extra coins, & 15% referral commission
Increase profits with a complete trading platform (POINSDEX.COM)
Easy and cheap e-commerce transactions with POINSPAY.COM that integrate many altcoins
Realize your startup with Poinsku.com

Introducing ICO Usercenter

First of we release our major update with usercenter design which is most important part of ICO POINS COIN Sales management. It allows managing whole process of POINS COIN sales.

Safe & Secure Transactions
Encrypted and Kept Private
Multiple Payment Gateways
KYC Verification


Our initial offer will run until the softcap is reached. The following specifications are complete ICO POINS Coins.

90,000,000 Total supply
20,000,000 Hardcap (PIN)
3,000,000 Softcap (PIN)
2,000,000 Bounty
2,000,000 DEVELOPER
60,000,000 MINING
1 ETH = 1,000 PIN PRICE

ICO Discount Details

PHASE 1 50% discount
PHASE 2 40% discount
PHASE 3 20% discount


Download the whitepaper and learn about ICO POINS COIN, the unique ICO POINS COIN approach from the team/advisor.

White Paper (EN)(PDF)
White Paper (ID)(PDF)


Our roadmap is planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions


Core Team Member

Heni Pranyoto
Co Founder / CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Heni Pranyoto or commonly known as Ragil is a trader who has more than 10 years of experience in forex trading, index and cryptocurrency trading. Often invited as mentors and speakers in various seminars and workshops around online trading, marketing, and financial technology. Ex STENEUM coin developer team with ICO is very successful at the end of 2017 with the main project of building the BITSTEN trading platform and resigning after the ICO ends. With the new team, return by bringing the concept of POINS (cryptocurrency integrated system) which is developing 3 (three) platforms with 1 (one) coin.

Co Founder / CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
Andiono is a graduate of Bandung Informatics Engineering and completed his Masters in Information Technology Yogyakarta Indonesia. Since 2000, he has worked at the International Company engaged in Telecommunication in handling Billing System. The position he had served as a programmer, System Analyst, Lecturer, Manager and Leader in several IT consulting firms. 15 years of experience in the IT field and currently involved in the POINS big project as the leader of the blockchain architect.

Mansyursyah Latief
Lead Software Design & Architecture
Mansyursyah Latief is an IT Engineer with more than 7 years experience. Univ graduate. Amikom Yogyakarta has a lot of experience working in several leading companies in the IT section, & Webmasters with lots of portfolios both private and government agencies. With Andiono working on the development of blokchain technology. Expert in developing c #, php and Android based software.

Setiawan Nur Aptanto
CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
Setiawan is commonly called Wawan with more than 12 years experience in marketing. From 2006 involved in multilevel marketing. In 2008 became Crown Ambasador, one of the world's leading multilevel marketing companies. Speakers and trainers in various marketing seminars and workshops. Become a crypto enthusiast since 2015.

Sapto Pujowiyoto
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Sapto Pujowiyoto holds a Bachelor in Economics Univ. Jenderal Soedirman Purwokerto graduated in 2006. He pursued a career as a Financial Consultant from 2011 in several Financial companies and Futures Brokerage Companies. Speakers and trainers in various seminars and workshops. Crypto Enthusiast and Crypto Investors in the Bitcoin loophole software since 2016.


Alfid Van Arista
Board Advisor
Alfid Van Arista is a highly experienced in social media marketing and internet marketing since 2008. Observers of the development of financial technology. As Crypto Enthusiast, Crypto Investor, Crypto Trader, Forex Trader and Miner.

Imam Suryono
Technical Advisor
Imam Suryono has more than 20 years’ experience in marketing, public speaking, and investment. Advisor in several Multilevel Marketing and Investment companies. Speakers and trainers in various seminars and workshops in the fields of marketing, finance and investment. Financial Consultants and Hedge Fund Managers. Crypto Enthusiast and Crypto Investors.


Below we’ve provided little bit information about ICO POINS COIN, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to function as a medium of exchange, and its control is decentralized based on blockchain technology. Along with counterfeiting protection, blockchain technology ensures that there is no need for internal or external administrators who can influence the next transaction. Cryptocurrency only exists electronically and has no physical similarities.

There are many Bitcoin softwares available in the market to reduce the human intervention and difficulties. Bitcoin Revolution is one such robot that helps to make 600% profit everyday. You can read full bitcoin revolution article in the official page.

A Blockchain is a large book that contains a history of every transaction recorded in a particular network. For public blockchain, like Bitcoin, anyone can download a copy of the blockchain, and it can be checked to track bitcoin lines from one bitcoin transaction to another, as well as Cryptocurrency Poins.

Just like the traditional wallet that you carry in your pocket, a blockchain asset wallet is used to save money or digital assets. The difference is that it is not to store banknotes and card collections, but used to store a collection of private keys. How to make a wallet? Click here to read the "Poins" guide for making compatible wallets.

Poins is a decentralized blockchain platform. Like Bitcoin, Poins is a decentralized open source project, not owned or operated by one person or party. This means anyone, anywhere can download software and start interacting with the blockchain network. POINS COIN are digital / crypto currencies from the POINS network. POINS is a new generation blockchain technology and the most convenient cryptocurrency conversion for everyone. This makes it possible to buy and sell altcoins or tokens instantly and easily. Poins are built on blockchain POINS and the cryptocurrency symbol is PIN. The purpose of POINS is to address the problem of major cryptocurrency adoption and provide partner businesses with payment solutions that given incentives.

We use the POINS COIN multi-signature wallet to make sure the high security. How do I know my COIN is safe? To ensure your COIN is safe, we encourage investors to use two-factor authentication (2FA). What is technology use for POINS Cryptocurrency? We use blockchain technology.

Initial coin offerings (ICO), also known as digital coin sales or crowdsale, are ways to raise funds from the public for the development of a product, and are usually blockchain-based technology products, but crowdsale models are increasingly being used for other types of projects as well. Every project creates a new cryptocurrency in the form of coins, which is then sold to the public to raise funds for project development. If a product succeeds in completing their ICO funding objectives, their coins are distributed to those who buy it and they become tradable on the cryptocurrency market. If the product is successful, this coin has the potential to be very valuable.

Coins are digital assets that are sold to the public during the ICO period, usually using another popular cryptocurrency for payment systems, such as BTC or ETH, or sometimes directly using fiat currency. Unlike cryptocurrency coins, tokens usually do not have their own blockchain but are hosted by another blockchain, such as Ethereum's. After the ICO campaign is complete, coin developers can release coins on the exchange, where they can be traded and fluctuate in value, such as other digital currencies. Coins can also have other specific function to the issued product. However, the coin itself does not always give rights or equity to the issued product/company. The coin is definitively not the same as a stock in a traditionally structured company.

When you contribute to the ICO, there is never a guarantee that the coin you buy will succeed, either with their ICO or in their future development. Like crowdfunding campaigns, people must think of contributions as donations to projects that support their potential development, and coins as a kind of reward for your support. However, in the case of the ICO campaign, your gift (coin) has the potential to increase its value after coin is released and available on the stock exchange. In essence, each particular ICO also has its own terms and conditions to contribute, so be sure to check them before donating.

The Poins Trading Platform (Poinsdex.com) will be developed by building an integrated website so that it will facilitate the transaction of cryptocurrency poins and other altcoins. We provide all trading instruments and tools. This will be very helpful for both beginners and experts.

POINS WALLET (Poinspay.com) is a wallet that is used to store various kinds of altcoins. Poins wallet have multifunctional storage.

POINS Incubator (Poinsku.com) is a platform to accommodate brilliant ideas from Poins members or Poins Coin owners to be realized so that it will have benefits for members or all people in the world.

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